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Don’t wait to be “found”

Don’t wait for an agent to choose you

Don’t wait for a publishing house to decide that it’s your time

CKC Publishing is ready and excited to give you the services you need to bring your work into the world – the right way!

Publishing is a team sport

If you’ve ever picked up a book and thought, “I’m not even close to being able to make something like this happen,” then it’s time to talk to CKC Publishing House.


For every book that hits the shelf, there’s a team of pros dedicated to putting out the very best product possible.


With a few clicks, that team of pros is at your disposal. Give us direction and let us work our magic.

Contact CKC Publishing House now and let’s see how close you are to getting published!


We offer a variety of packages to fit any author’s need, so take a look and see how we can help move your career forward!

Here’s just some of the services that CKC Publishing House provides:


You need exposure, and CKC Publishing House knows how to get your work into the channels where it will be seen. We’re experienced at fully utilizing all available networks to get your work the distribution it deserves.


Don’t toil away in obscurity when CKC can help you with:

  • Launch strategies and Pre-orders

  • Getting an ISBN number and barcode

  • Entry into Amazon, B&N and Apple E-book stores

  • Distribution strategies for both print and E-books

Get your work out into the world with CKC Publishing House.


Don’t leave your marketing efforts to chance in a marketplace that’s already crowded with authors. Our experts can help you maximize your marketing dollars while creating real excitement and attention for your work.


Make this work profitable and make your next work possible when you let us help you with:

  • Landing page creation to generate traffic and engagement

  • Payment portal for easy online ordering (via Stripe or PayPal)

  • Low-hassle fulfillment strategies

  • Press release development to build awareness

  • Amazon keyword optimization


Get the excitement started and let CKC Publishing House promote your work today!


It’s a magical moment when you first hold that book in your hands. Our design team can provide you with the graphic and production services that give physical form to your work.

Our book design services include:


  • Graphic design services

  • Trade dress production

  • Full book covers (front, back and spine)

  • One-pager

  • Brand-aligned promotional materials



Call CKC Publishing and get ready to see your words in the flesh!


Taking the body of your work from raw words to a polished, presentable text takes skill, and our team has the skills you need to get there! Talented editors and proofreaders can provide the guidance and eye for detail your work needs to go to the next step.

Let us help you with:

  • Proofreading and copyediting

  • Editing of front- and back-matter

  • Print & E-book layout


Get in touch with us now and let our editors help you get your work where it’s meant to go!

You are the kind of writer that CKC Publishing House was born to serve.

When you’re ready to move your writing career forward, it’s time to work with CKC Publishing House.

We offer a variety of services that deliver the specific services that your work requires !!

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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