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CKC Publishing House was started with a simple goal – to encourage and promote writers.

Our clients are diverse. They’re writers from all over the world, some with experience and others brand new to the industry. They write in every genre and every medium, from novellas to non-fiction to treatments for film and television.

Every project is a success. At every level of CKC Publishing House you will find supportive team members that all believe in providing a platform for budding writers to showcase their work.

Our team knows the industry. We’ve gathered a talented, multi-disciplinary group of individuals that includes editorial board members, seasoned graphic designers, veteran proofreaders, content creators from the worlds of TV and film, and publishing industry insiders that know how take a project from raw text to a polished work that the public is excited to experience.



Don’t let your creativity and spirit be hidden any longer. You can make a change in the world with your work and that change starts right here. We’re ready to give you, and your work, the professional attention it deserves and the same level of passion that you’ve already invested.


Contact CKC Publishing House and let us take you where you’re meant to go!

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